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Mr. Thomas F. Jorgensen is President and Senior Counsel of Jorgensen Consulting, a professional firm dedicated to excellence in major gift funding, student and volunteer recruitment, marketing and management for America's institutions, organizations and programs. Mr. Jorgensen offers over 35 years successful experience in all phases of major fund development as a development & stewardship director, consultant, presenter, publisher and author. Services support pastors, chief administrators, development executives and key leaders in seven major areas: institutional advancement (development), endowment, stewardship, long term planning, planned giving, feasibility study, and capital campaign. Clients are carefully prepared to meet their institutional goals and mission objectives professionally, successfully and with complete integrity by means of a measurable plan of action.

Mr. Jorgensen’s articles on development have been published in leading education magazines.

He was associate director of the Omaha Development Institute; co-director of the Graduate Course in Catholic Parish & School Development; presenter at the Certificate Program in Catholic School Management and Development, Pastors National Development Congress, National Catholic Education Association, Chief Administrators of Catholic Education and many arch/dioceses. Mr. Jorgensen earned the Omaha Archdiocesan Board of Education Award for Outstanding Contribution to Development Programs.

Mr. Jorgensen was Regional Director of Development for Conception Seminary College, a four year, free-standing seminary college in Conception, Missouri.

Mr. Jorgensen was Director of Development and Stewardship for the Archdiocese of Omaha, a pioneer program recognized nationwide for its leadership in major fund development for Catholic secondary and elementary schools. He has been instrumental in implementing these concepts in Nebraska and throughout the United States.

Mr. Jorgensen was Director of Development and Public Relations for the Christian Urban Education Service (CUES), a development consortium for Omaha's inner-city Catholic schools. As the first Catholic school Development Director, he proved that concepts of college and university development programs are applicable to elementary and secondary education.

Mr. Jorgensen is active in his church and community.
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