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Jorgensen Consulting
Jorgensen Consulting


Our Promise to You:

Jorgensen Consulting subscribes to the basic teachings of major fund development and effective stewardship techniques.

Capital campaigns and major fund development programs are conducted according to the following precepts:

· To offer clients and their funding publics a professional, caring major fund experience that is of value, one they enjoy and would readily offer their voluntary services again.

· To maximize the individual giving potential of prospects, and elevate current and previous donors to higher levels of involvement and investment.

· To broaden the base of support to include individuals and families, business and industry, professional firms, charitable foundations and civic organizations while ensuring the integrity of the purpose, goals and objectives of the client.

· To offer a major fund approach that will not supplant traditional annual fund efforts.

· To provide a second generation major fund experience that is people-oriented and based upon a professional, caring environment.

+ Paying close attention to detail and “building trust relationships” with clients and their constituents are practiced on every level of the fund drive structure.

+ COUNSEL MAKES CALLS ON GIFT PROSPECTS, serves with integrity, leads by example, respects confidentiality, and adapts the approach to match the unique personality of clients.


• Integrity (Personal/Professional/Moral) – behave like model citizens in the community, respect confidentiality especially volunteer rosters and donor lists, pay attention to detail, treat the client with personal attention and professional courtesy, and deliver on all promises.

• Passion – embrace the project or program with the same enthusiasm, and commitment and conviction as the client.

• Duty/Discipline – firm determination to keep all promises made by counsel, and meet or exceed all goals and objectives expected by the client.
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