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Jorgensen Consulting
Jorgensen Consulting
Jorgensen Consulting, Est. 1975, is a proactive major gift funding, marketing and management firm that specializes in capital campaigns, institutional advancement and effective communications. Clients are carefully prepared to meet their institutional goals and mission objectives professionally, successfully and with complete integrity. A list of resources is as follows:

A series of regular on-site consultation visits to prepare administrators, development executives, staff and key leaders to handle all phases of a major development program.

A comprehensive plan to establish or elevate an existing endowment fund to its highest level of involvement and investment by offering a major gift vehicle that is perpetual in nature.

A second generation stewardship process entitled The Jorgensen Plan on Stewardship: “A Call to the Cross”®; the Biblical sharing of spiritual, human and financial resources.

A planning program that establishes a vision statement, long-term goals and measurable objectives that leads to a strategic plan of action.

A deferred-gift and life-income promotion program that includes education, motivation, cultivation and solicitation of alternative and memorial level gifts from target groups and individuals.

The first phase of a successful capital campaign is to conduct a feasibility study. Basically, it is an interview and survey process that reveals the potential for a capital campaign. The study shows the perception of people about the project, reveals who currently supports the project, and identifies major donors and leadership potential for a capital campaign.

A professionally organized, intense appeal to raise substantial funds, cash and pledges, for a specific program or project in a limited period of time. A feasibility study often precedes a capital campaign: an interview and survey process that reveals the potential for a capital campaign.

A one or two day on-site, practical (hands-on) development and/or stewardship workshop. A humorous and informative speech 20 to 60 minutes in length usually delivered at a major event.
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