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Jorgensen Consulting
Jorgensen Consulting


“I am convinced that your honest, up-front, and unique approach were responsible for the huge success that we experienced. We have not only met our goal, but continue to receive pledges from seeds planted during the campaign. What a success!”

“Having been through several capital fund drives, I can attest to the fact that your organization is truly different than the run of the mill consultant. It was evident that you were not just concerned about satisfying your contract with us but were more concerned with the people involved and the project itself. Thanks again for a wonderful experience and we look forward to using your organization again in the future.”


“I am very happy to recommend you to future clients. In my 15 years of association with you through capital campaigns, development consultations, and stewardship programs, you have always been professional, knowledgeable, and helpful beyond what could be expected.”

“Your individual development programs are tailor made for the parish and the people. I believe, that this comes from your own personal commitment to the church and its various organizations. As you develop your strategy, your own beliefs and integrity are evident.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to give you my highest recommendation.”


“I was immediately attracted to your company because of your Gospel-based approach to parish life. As I have watched you during the year, I have seen these fine words and high ideals put into practice with wonderful results. And the results are exciting. New people stepping forward to be involved; people of all ages responding to parish life out of personal commitment to the Lord; profound hope and excitement about the future.”

“From every quarter of the parish, I hear that Jorgensen Consulting is professional, yet personal; caring for the details, yet grasping the larger picture; goal oriented, yet sensitive to the needs of the individuals. You have indeed had a healthy impact on our parish and I am most grateful."


"I want to thank you for your expert assistance with our parish stewardship program. You helped us rethink our stewardship approach, so that our program has become a major focus for overall parish participation in spiritual and service opportunities, as well as sacrificial giving. I also find the language and theological basis more satisfying. It puts the Bishop’s document on stewardship into practice. When my fellow priests ask me about good stewardship programs, I recommend your work as the best I’ve experienced in my 26 years as a priest. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.”


“Your organizational qualities helped us to realize our goal. The time and talents you brought will never be forgotten. Our goals will be realized when the ground breaking occurs. Again, thank you for all your prayers and expertise. If ever a reference is needed, your qualities will be gladly passed on to others so they too can complete a project that brings joy to a community. I know that the reward will be yours when Heaven greets you, with your concern and love for others. It was shown in every step of the Campaign.”


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